Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Need to Pray for Our Clergy

Over the past few months I have read many posts regarding the state of the Catholic Church in America and the priests, bishops, and cardinals who lead her. Whether it has been the Archdiocese of New York and the handling of union health insurance contracts, DOMA, Proposition 8, calling for Nancy Pelosi to no longer call herself Catholic, or even the resounding fallouts from the new healthcare laws that will be going into full effect on August 1. The abundance of comments that are seen scream for our bishops to do something. I agree more should be done, but right now, we are waiting in anticipation to see what will happen.

In four years I have been a parishioner of four different Catholic Dioceses in the United States. There have been great moments and some not so great. But all the bishops I have met are amazing men who are trying to lead their respective diocese with great passion and fervor. We as the laity may not always see or recognize their efforts but they are outstanding men of prayer, discipleship, council, and usually a good sense of humor.

I understand that we are in a highly chaotic time within the Catholic Church in the United States. The secular media seems like it is waiting for any Catholic official to slip up publicly to turn into huge news. Then I call for this, pray for our clergy. It is increasingly easy for us to dwell on the negatives and wonder why these "super men" of the Church aren't doing more. They are taking care of the administrative needs of their dioceses, making hard decisions regarding the future of their parishes, priests, religious, seminarians and laity. They pray, work unusual hours and maybe find a brief moment of peace to themselves. The spiritual battle they face would make any of us pale, and for their efforts, I cannot thank them enough.

Please, with all the negativity pointed against us, let us strive to work together and pray for our clergy.
Heavenly Father, in these trying times when the spirit of the age threaten Christian values, give our bishop, holiness of life and wisdom to guide our (arch)diocesan family, so that we may grow in your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen. 
-Prayer for the Bishop, Catholic Online