Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Not all Wandering is Aimless

When I was young, my family would often say I was in my own little world. Going to college, I would find myself among like minded individuals listening or searching for the quirks that made us friends. Since college, I haven't stopped wandering. I've moved to another state and back, gotten married, and found the quirkiest and most amazing people on the way. It has also been said that I have a hard time finishing projects. It's true but it's only because I am usually distracted by something on the journey.

I find the most peace and diversity when I am outside hiking, camping, fishing, or searching. My husband would probably find it worth mentioning that I am the worst person to go hiking with. If I know a trail system and I feel we won't be gone long, I don't find the need to take a map. This will come back to bite me in the butt someday, just not yet.

However, this is how I live. I take life as it comes. I meander, take my time and wander in my pursuit to follow my dreams, ambitions and passions. Although not the most direct path to anything, it does give me the peace and reassurance that I have experienced everything I have intended to and seen many more things if I had just pursued my goal. Time consuming, yes, passionate, always.

I also had to think hard and long in order to think of a descriptor. Words are a potent ally and nemesis. When I ask people what they think of me I usually receive one of two responses, I am either faithful or patient; rarely ever both. I think that both are wonderful descriptions of who I try to be. I am a Roman Catholic who is searching for more answers and reasons to maintain and grow in faith. To study and to learn are practices which require both patience and faithfulness. Yet, I still wander.

When I'm out on the trail or working on my projects, I find that devotion to perfection or rejoicing in what normally isn't found is required of patience and it's greatest reward. So here I am, The Patient Wanderer.

I will be writing on matters of Catholicism, my life and my experiences. I've tried to keep a narrow scope blog in the past and it's never quite worked. If you want to check that out it is here at

I look forward to writing some and sharing more.